Around London

June 16, 2014

It's been 5 months since we left the shores of sunny Sydney for greener pastures in London. Firstly, let me apologise for the extreme lack of blogging here. A major international move with two children under four sure took it's toll on my creative energy, and any "spare time" was usually spent horizontal somewhere wondering when the dust would settle. Alas, here I am! The dust is now settled (and in serious need of dusting) and we're feeling more at home in our new urban surroundings than ever.

We've landed in a particularly pretty part of town, but London has been such a visual feast since the day we arrived, with little hidden street scenes, climbing roses, vintage cars and colourful bikes on every street corner. I feel more tapped-in to my surroundings than ever. For those of you who have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these images before, but I really enjoyed putting together this little re-cap of pictures I've snapped around London. They make me feel so lucky to be a part of this vibrant, visual city.

{All photographs by Kate Paillat for Maurice & King.}


October 28, 2013

It's not unlike me to have an ongoing selection of items on the "Need It Now" list, but lately, this list has needed its own index. There's just so much covetable stuff out there and so many talented, indie designers making truly beautiful items, often by hand, always with love. The limited edition Homestead print by Beauchamping is currently ranking number 1 (everything in this store deserves some wallspace), followed closely by a selection of delicately divine yellow gold rings by Jenni Kwon. Despite the blazing heat here, I'm still going to go ahead and buy these boots by Dieppa Restrepo, because they're, quite simply, perfection. Oh, and I'll take anything in a buffalo check at the moment. Anything.

{01. Homestead Print by Beauchamping (via Living With Kids), 02.  Dieppa Restrepo Mer Boots, 03. Gold Rings by Jenni Kwon Design, 04. Small Batch Production Linen Dish Towel.}

Etsy Scout : Spring

September 3, 2013

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Spring has sprung in Sydney. Although, in a wondrous stroke of luck, we never really had a Winter. Although it seems the sun is always shining on this city, it's the smaller details, like the smell of newly blossoming jasmine and the chatter on the street of morning swims and warmer water, that makes this time of year abuzz. There are so many lovely, Springy wares on Etsy, but these four were playing so nicely together I thought they deserved some air time.

Colour Code: Mono

June 24, 2013

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In stark contrast to my colour-filled posts of late, but after a weekend of torrential rain and grey skies, a monotone colour code post seemed fitting. Eternally chic, despite its lack of hue.

Winter Bloom

June 20, 2013

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Each year, as the cooler months roll in and the warmer textiles roll out, I find myself filling my home and wardrobe with even more colour than usual. This Winter, I feel particularly drawn to painterly patterns and warming rosy hues. Perhaps it’s an ode to Spring, wishing away the cold mornings and bare branches, or perhaps I just love a daub of colour. Either way, it’s a sure fire way to sunny-up the greyest of winter days.

Archery Collections

June 13, 2013


When I open my wardrobe doors two things are abundantly clear: 1. I have a problem love affair with stripes, and 2. I like wearing black. Alot. But when I open my jewellery cabinet, one thing's for sure, I'm a magpie for colour. A pop of orange with a mono-stripe tee? Yes, thanks. A splash of hot pink with that black organic cotton dress all the cool kids are wearing? Don't mind if I do. And don't even get me started on yellow. Seriously. So when my abundantly talented friends launched Archery Collections, a line of stunning, hand crafted jewellery with a nod to mega-watt colour, I knew even my very serious monotone wardrobe would be smiling.

Archery Collections is a collaboration between graphic designer, Kate Baillie and artist, Caitlin Whitehouse. After meeting and working together in retail for many years, the pair have finally collaborated on a range of jewellery that reflects their passions for original design, traditional crafts and hints of neon. And friends, it's glorious. Colourful, tactile, eclectic and with attention to detail that will make your heart sing. But don't just take my word for it. You can now also find Archery Collections sharing space with some of Australia's top designers at Sydney's one and only Koskela. Respect. Get clicking Mauricettes. 

Kate Baillie & Caitlin Whitehouse of Archery Collections

A Birthday Cake

June 11, 2013

If you've been following me over on Instagram, you would have seen this beauty I slaved over whipped up a few months ago. I've had so many (very kind) comments and questions about the creation of this cake since, I thought it was time to share the finer details of it with you here. In truth, I had always planned to blog about this cake, and how I surprised even myself with my culinary prowess and totally missed my calling as an artisan cake creator. However, my foray into the world of cake making turned out to be more of a rescue mission than a masterpiece.

My version of the iconic Choo Choo Train Cake, from the Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book, was going to be a fresh, fun take on the original. There'd be sprinkles and buttons and cookie wheels! Oh my! I'd replace the colored icing with luscious butter cream expertly covered in sprinkles, and the colored popcorn 'cargo' would instead be the fancy salted caramel variety. It was going to be a rainbow-colored spectacular. I already had my 'Best Mum Award' smug face on. I watched this tutorial many times.   

Fast forward to the day before the party and it was a sweltering 34 degrees in Sydney. Note to self; a dame should never attempt to ice a cake with butter cream on a hot day unless you have arctic-strength air conditioning. Note also; lose the arrogance and familiarise yourself with "handy" information like Crumb Coating and Sprinkle Coating before attempting said cake. My masterpiece quickly became a mess of melty icing, rogue cake crumbs and was on a perpetual lean. An ambitious three carriages were quickly cut down to one. I'm still finding sprinkles in crevices around my home today.

Alas, after a brief encounter with post-traumatic stress and some emergency Googling, I found short stints in the fridge worked wonders between icing layers, sprinkle coating was much easier (and cleaner) when sprinkles were laid out in a baking tray (duh) and that coloured chocolate buttons can hide all manner of indiscretions. Did the birthday boy notice that the sprinkle coverage was uneven at best? No. Did he care that there was only one carriage? Not a bit. Did he eat every last crumb with the enthusiasm of a terrier on a treadmill? You betcha. So while the perfectionist in me hung her head in shame, I still awarded myself a gold star for effort - and a blue ribbon for bravery.
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